Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Doctor Appointments

Hiker didn’t wake me up at 6 am like she usually does. I was in a deep sleep and dreaming, but suddenly, something woke me up and I looked at the clock and it was 6:19 am.
It was such a nice morning. Around 10 am, Hiker and I went outside to sit on the patio for a while. I had my iPad with me and I was playing Bubble Witch Saga while watching Hiker chasing flying insects around the yard.
I heard the phone ringing and when I came in, I saw that it was Kaiser called. They called to make two appointments in preparation for me for my cataract surgery. The first one will be Wednesday, September 30th at 11 am to do eye measurements. The second is to consult with the doctor. It will be on Wednesday, October 7th at 8:30 am. At lease both of these appointments are here in Santa Clarita.
Went over to the mall to the Red Robin to meet my widowed girlfriends for lunch today. Fun as always.
Hiker did not want me to go again. When I got ready to leave, I went to go out the door that goes from the house into the garage. Hiker was sitting right in front of the door just glaring at me, and she did NOT want to move so I could go past her. She even made a little growl noise when I went out the door. She absolutely does not like me to leave her alone. If she had her way, she would go everywhere with me.
Weather wasn’t too bad today. It was in the low 90’s with a stiff breeze. I think the breeze kept it from feeling as hot.

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  1. My dogs like for us to go as we give them treats. I've had Tugie growl at me for lingering when she knows I'm about to leave. lol Of course once the treat is gone I'm sure they would love us to come back! Good luck with your doc appointments.


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