Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Today would have been Ben’s 65th birthday. Wish he had been here for us to celebrate.
When Hiker and I got up this morning, it was already 72° outside. It was already too hot to go out for a walk after breakfast, so we have been in the house most of the day.
Was already over 100° before 10 am.
After lunch I had to go up to our post office. When I walked out the door the heat and humidity just sucked all of the breath out of me. It was 110° by 1 pm.
Big white thunder clouds were heading towards us from the east and I heard that Big Bear, CA and Wrightwood, CA in the San Bernardino Mountains were under a flash flood watch.
As I was driving up to the post office, I saw someone walking a dog. They were on the pavement and I was thinking to myself that the pavement was way too hot for that dog to be walking on it. I just hope the poor pooch didn’t end up with burned paw pads. Some people are so stupid, like the ones who leave their dogs in the car with the windows cracked on a day like this.
I won’t even let Hiker stay outside in the yard. If she has to go potty, I let her out, but make her come back in after about 5 or 10 minutes.
Started thundering around 2:45 pm and Hiker was first barking at it, then she started to hide as it got louder.
Got up to 110° here today.

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