Saturday, September 5, 2015

My Brother Keith Is Visiting

Slept in this morning. When we got up, I sorted my medications for next week and realized I needed to refill my B/P meds. Did that and then put the laundry into the washer to get it done before Keith arrived.
I told Hiker that she needed to start watching for her Uncle Keith and she started barking and whimpering. She loves him so much.
Keith got here just before 11 am. We waited for my mowers to finish and then we headed over to the car wash where I had my yearly hand wax done on the car and while they were doing that, we walked over to Everest for lunch.
After the car was done, we stopped by Big Lots and the Dollar Tree and also stopped by Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart.
Hiker didn’t like it because we left her and she was very happy to see us when we got back home.
Was about 90° today but didn’t feel as hot due to a stiff breeze. We are going to try to go out for a walk later this evening.

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