Tuesday, September 15, 2015

We Got Rain!

Woke up around 5 am to the sound of rain drops. Went back to sleep for a while, then Hiker woke me up around 6:20 to go outside. She came back in all wet, but since she just had a haircut, it was easy to dry her off.
I checked my weather station and it said I had already received 1.26” of rain, so it must have been raining most of the night. They said our normal rainfall for September is less than a quarter inch, so we are breaking records.
Got up around 7 am and had some breakfast. I gathered up all of the trash in the house to put out in the bin for pickup, then I headed over to Food-4-Less to pick up some lunch meats.
I love Italian cold cut sandwiches, but Subway is expensive and very cheap on how much meat they give you. If I want double meat, it costs even more. They average $6 to $8 for one sandwich. I can buy a big bag of sandwich rolls at Sam’s Club for less than $3 and I can buy enough lunch meat and cheese at Food-4-Less for $9 to make up to 7 sandwiches. I freeze the meats and cheese so I can thaw them out anytime I want a good sandwich.
Had lunch with my widowed girlfriends at the Round Table over in Newhall today. We get so crazy and raunchy sometimes. We have become “The Golden Girls”.
Stayed mostly cloudy all day. They sun would peek out every now and then and it would feel really humid. Got up to 81° here today. They say we still may have more rain tonight and then it will move off to the east.

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