Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Today Really Felt Like Fall

It must have rained a little more last night as the street was wet this morning when I looked outside while Hiker was in the back yard going potty. Also showed .08” of rainfall on my weather station. It was very cloudy too. Fed Hiker her kibble early this morning like I always do. She came back to bed and stayed a little while then she got up and went into the living room. She was so quiet I went to check on her and she had thrown-up her kibble.
She always thinks she’s in trouble when that happens and she cowers in the corner, but I always tell her it’s OK because I know that she cannot help it if she throws-up.
She ate a poached egg a few hours later and kept it down, so I think she is OK. Sometimes they just throw-up even though they are not sick. I’ll keep my eye on her.
Had to run my scans on my laptops and had to pay some bills online, then I went up to Dick’s Sporting Goods and bought a new pair of hiking shoes. I have 2 pair of hiking boots, but they are so heavy and bulky that I thought low-cut hiking shoes would be better for me feet and my knees
. The sun was trying to peek out by 10:30 am but it was still nice and cool, right around 71°. After lunch, it was still mostly cloudy. Hiker and I went over to Central Park for a walk. While there, the sun came out, but was still mostly cloudy.
Hiker seemed OK after “tossing her kibble” this morning. She had her normal mid-day treats and was able to keep them down.

There was still some muddy areas in the park and Hiker walked in it and got mud between her toes. She was walking funny, I’m guessing because it felt funny to her. I wiped her feet and then she was walking normally. I ordered some dog vitamins and a dog joint supplement from Amazon to start giving her. I’ll start her on them tomorrow. Her breed gets hip dysplasia a lot, so I thought I should start giving her something now. She is 5 years old which is almost middle-aged for a dog. Was 83° today.

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