Sunday, September 27, 2015

More iPhone Problems

Got up at 7 am this morning and did a couple of loads of laundry, mostly sheets and towel and my summer comforter.
Sat outside on the patio for a little while and watched Hiker playing in the yard. Checked some of my sprinklers to make sure they were working correctly and noticed that one of the syphon valves doesn’t seem to be working right so I’m going to have to talk to my mower about it and see if he knows how to fix it.
Then my iPhone screwed up on me. The screen went black and I couldn’t get it to turn off or turn on. I had made a call to my neighbor Jean and got her voicemail, so I left her a message. When I went to hang up, my screen froze up. Then Jean tried to call me back and my phone was ringing, but I could not answer it because it was frozen.
I panicked, thinking I’d have to run over to the Verizon store and see if they could help me or maybe the iPhone store.
I went online and Googled “iPhone 5C screen froze and then went black” and I came across this program called Tenorshare ReiBoot and it said it was freeware, so I downloaded it and followed the instructions. You plug your phone up to your computer and go into iTunes and follow the instructions there and it somehow fixes the problem and reboots your phone. Sure was glad it worked.
It was not a good “technical device” week for me as I had computer and iPhone problems on Friday too.
So I’ll be out in my driveway this evening to see if I can get some photos of the Super Moon Eclipse and then later I’m going to watch the final episode of “CSI-Crime Scene Investigation”.
Was a little cooler here today “only” got up to 102°

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