Thursday, September 24, 2015

Will These Hot Days Ever End?

Some mornings the bed just feels way too good to get out of it and this was one of those mornings. It was even cool enough that I was able to pull the comforter up and tuck myself way in. Hiker was up and somewhere in the house while I was snoozing until 8 am.
After we got up and I had a small breakfast, Hiker and I went out to pick up my Lottery Tickets and then when we got home, I decided to take her for a short walk.
Just as we were going out the door, I noticed that my Fitbit was not working. I like to use it to track my walks. I had just given it a full charge yesterday, so I didn’t know what was wrong with it. I plugged it in and it showed nothing and when I went online to my Fitbit dashboard, it told me that the battery was completely empty. Decided to leave it plugged in while Hiker and I went ahead and went for our walk.
When we got back home about 30 minutes later, I saw that it was charging and that the battery was about halfway charged, so I just left it for about another hour to make sure it was totally charged. Seems to be OK now, but I don’t know how it lost all of the charge I gave it yesterday.
Was another hot day here…not fall weather at all. By 2 pm it was 108°. They keep saying our weekend is going to stay in the triple digits and then we should start cooling down, but I’ve heard that before.
I just wish we’d get down into the high 70’s low 80’s and just stay there.
Don’t have a dog walk with Jean tomorrow morning as she is grooming three dogs so she wanted to get started on them early. If I can drag myself out of bed, maybe Hiker and I will get out for a walk before it gets too hot.

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