Monday, September 28, 2015

Just A Tad Cooler

Up early for our Monday dog walk with Jean. She had 2 extra dogs with her this morning.
After the walk I went over to the grocery store and did my shopping. Spent about $20 more than usual as I bought a nice roast and a few other things I don’t normally buy.
Came home, put all of the groceries away and then went outside to check my sprinklers in the front yard. Today is my day to water, so I figured it was the best day to check them. I had noticed that it is taking them a long time to pop up, like there isn’t much pressure, so I need to have someone look at them for me. I also changed a couple of the sprinkler heads that were not working correctly.
Just before the “Young & The Restless” came on, I sent my weather report and one of my moon photos from last night into to CBS/KCAL9 Weather Watchers and at 12:30, Josh Rubinstein, the head meteorologist there used my report, plus he showed my photo, not once, but twice.
Had to contact Amazon via live chat because an order I placed that was supposed to be delivered last Friday never came. Amazon is always so helpful and they reps are so polite.
Actually stayed below the triple digit temps today. It got up to 98° but that is still too hot for autumn.

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