Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day

Hiker and I got up early to go on our Monday dog walk with Jean and her dogs. Keith slept in.
After breakfast, Keith and I went out on a “scavenger” hunt trying to find the things we need to make an “Addam’s Family Cousin It” Halloween figure for my front porch. I could find everything I needed except hula skirts to make his body, but you can only find hula skirts in stores around July 4th. I see them online, but I might just wait and buy all of the supplies next year when they are available and I’ll make one for next Halloween.
We went to Rattler’s BBQ for lunch today.
We are hoping to do a walk this evening, but I have to be home at 7 pm to watch my “Young and Restless” on the POP Channel as I missed it this morning.
Was 101° on my patio this afternoon. They say we are going to stay in the triple digits for the rest of the week. I thought we were done with the heat.

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