Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Anything Can Happen Wednesday

For some reason, I woke up before 5 am this morning but I dozed back off until around 6:30 am.
Got up and made some breakfast. Jean came over at 9 am because we decided to have an “anything can happen Wednesday” today.
We headed out and first went to Big Lots, then to the Dollar Tree. Picked up a few autumn decorations. Left there and headed over to Joann’s Crafts and then over to Wal-Mart.
Left there and headed over to the Goodwill as I had some stuff I wanted to donate, plus Jean wanted to look around inside the store.
Then we went over to the mall. Since I didn’t get to go to the California Fish Grill yesterday for lunch, we went there today. It was really good! I got 2 huge pieces of charbroiled salmon with their garlic butter on top plus French fries and coleslaw for $10.99. I was kind of afraid the salmon would not be good because it was so cheap, but it was delicious.
We then went walking around inside the mall. Stopped at Payless Shoes where I bought 2 pair of shoes as they were having their BOGO sale.
On the way home we stopped by a little shop called Bizarre Bazar then we stopped at one for thrift shop before we got home.
Hiker was so happy when I got home. Only got up to 89° today.

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