Tuesday, September 1, 2015

BBQ Lunch

Hiker and I got up just before 7 am and headed right out for a morning walk. We did about a mile and a half and it was nice because there was a marine layer so it was nice and cool.
When we got home, I had a very small breakfast and then Hiker and I walked down to the community office to pay my monthly lease. Hiker loves going down there because she knows that Marcie (who works there) always has treats for her. All I have to do is say “Hiker, let’s go see Marcie at the office”, Hiker knows exactly where we are going and she actually pulls me all the way down there, knowing what streets she has to turn on, etc.
My brother Keith had to go in for jury duty this morning. Got an email from him at 10:15 am telling me that he had been called into the jury selection room.
I met up with my widowed girlfriends for lunch today. Our original plan was to go to a place called California Fish Grill over at The Patios at our mall, but when we got there, we found out there were no big tables and we had 8 people in our group today. So we walked across the way to Lucille’s BBQ instead. I had the BBQ pulled pork sandwich and potato salad and it was pretty good but a lot more expensive than the fish place would have been. But the BBQ is always expensive for some reason.
Keith texted me when I was driving home. I did not check his text until I got home and he said he just got released from jury duty, so I’m happy for him. He is coming to spend the long holiday weekend with me and Hiker.
Even though it felt quite a bit cooler today, it still hit 92°.

This decorated California Black Bear statue is at our mall.

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