Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sleepy Saturday

Hiker and I slept in late this morning. The bed felt really good and I just didn’t want to get out of it.
It was warm and overcast all day which made it humid. They keep saying that we are going to start cooling down and that we will have some fall weather soon. They are even saying that we may have 2 to 3 days of rain next week.
We were lazy all day, watched a lot of TV. I watched “Pearl Harbor”. Saw it a few years ago, but it was good, so didn’t mind watching it again.
Walked up to the mailbox and noticed that even though it was humid outside, it didn’t feel like it was the 92° that it showed on my weather station. There was a slight wind blowing and it seemed to make it feel cooler.

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  1. Hope you get some cooler weather. It has been cooler here this weekend and it really felt good and gave us some energy. Take care.


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