Saturday, September 26, 2015

Phones And Computers - Pain In The Butt At Times

I was having computer AND cell phone problems last yesterday and last night. First I got an iOS update on my cell phone and also an iTunes update and after I installed them, my iPhone would not show up on my iTunes and I use that to upload photos sometimes and to back up my iPhone to my computer. Finally got it working after messing with it for about 2 hours.
Next I kept getting messages every time I went into my email telling me that my Office program was not working properly. I have Microsoft Office installed on my computer hard drive, so I have Outlook email (not the online one). Then I found out that I was using Office 2013 and that Office 2016 had just come out. Well since I pay $99 a year to have Microsoft Office on my hard drive, I get it as a “perk”, so I downloaded it, which took about an hour to do and then everything seemed to be working OK.
I’m the kind of person who has to fix anything that is not working and not stop until it does work. I don’t give up.
By the time I got into bed, it was midnight and I was wide awake from messing with my computer, so I didn’t get to sleep for about another hour. When Hiker woke me up at 6 am to go outside, I felt like I’d been run over by a truck. Set my alarm for 8 am and went right back to sleep. Still felt drowsy when I did get up.
Was already too hot to go out for a morning walk, but Hiker went out into the yard and kept looking through the slider. She kept barking me. She was wanting me to come out to play with her, but it was already in the mid-90’s. I told her it was too hot to come out and that she should come inside where it was cool, so she finally did.
I can’t wait until it finally cools down so she and I can start getting out on walks and hikes again.
So it was a very lazy day for both me and Hiker today. Got up to 105° today.

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