Thursday, September 17, 2015

Walked Around Placerita Nature Center

I was so sleepy this morning and the bed felt so good that I didn’t get up until 8 am. I had gone to bed last night at 9 pm and fell asleep immediately. I think I got up once during the night or in the early morning, and then Hiker woke me up at 6 am to go outside. But as I said, we went back to bed. Hiker stayed for about 30 minutes and then she went out to the living room for a while. She came back just before 8 am, got up on my pillow and started kissing me.
It was warmer outside today. No clouds this morning. I had some house work to do so we didn’t get out for a morning walk.
After lunch it was in the mid 80’s so Hiker and I went over to Placerita Canyon and just walked around near the Nature Center. I have not hiked the Canyon Trail for a long time because my legs and feet just don’t seem to want me to do so. But eventually I will, when it gets much cooler.
It is supposed to be over 100° tomorrow and Saturday, but then it is supposed to cool back down again and we might get more rain next week according to the TV weather.
Tomorrow my neighbor Jean is driving me to my retinal specialist. I have an office visit to see how my eye did after the last injection, but I never know if he is going to dilate my eyes or give me another injection so its best that I have someone drive me.
After my appointment, we will head back here to Santa Clarita and do a little shopping before going to lunch.


  1. What is that little hut?

    1. The little hut is a Kj'i and is a replica of a Tatavium Indian house.

  2. Lovely photos ! Hope all goes well at the eye specialist ! Have a good day !


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