Thursday, September 3, 2015

Not Too Hot Today

Got up around 7 am this morning because I needed to go do my grocery shopping. At least this time I didn’t spend as much for groceries as I did last time.
Came back home, put the groceries away and then Hiker and I drove over to Sam’s Club so I could fill the care up with gas. I noticed when I went to Stater Brothers the Shell station was $3.49 for regular unleaded. Sam’s Club was only $2.95 for regular unleaded.
When we got back home, I did a little work out in the yard. It was nice and cool this morning.
After lunch, it was only 80° and there was a nice breeze blowing. Felt a little more like fall instead of summer. I put Hiker in the car and we headed over to Central Park for a nice walk. I could tell that both of us are once again out of shape because Hiker started out “quickly” but after about a half mile, she was already slowing down. We sat down under the trees for a couple of minutes and she was panting really hard. I have a bad foot (Plantar Fasciitis) which is doing a little better since I purchased custom made orthotics, but now I also have a bad knee due to a Baker’s Cyst behind my knee that swells. When I walk now, I wear a knee brace. But I’m going to keep plugging along as much as I can.
I’m hoping I feel up to maybe going for a couple of hikes while Keith is here visiting this long holiday weekend.

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