Friday, March 6, 2009


Today started out kind of cold. It was 38 degrees when I got out of bed. The sun was out and the sky was very blue. As the day went on, white clouds started to fill the sky and now it is totally cloudy and looks like it might start raining.
Once again we are sitting here waiting for our handyman to come by. He was supposed to come by last Tuesday afternoon to give us an estimate on painting the outside of the house, but he never showed up. We called him and he was stuck on another job that had to be done before it started raining. Made me a little angry that he didn't call that day. A big problem with him is that he has a full time job during the week and can only do the handyman stuff on weekends. But he does such good work and usually does not charge as much as professionals, so that is why we like to use him so much. Hopefully he will show up this afternoon after he gets off work.
It's Friday which means one of my favorite tv shows is on tonight. That show is "Ghost Whisperer". I love that show.


  1. I watched ghost whisperer tonight too.... it was a good show but I can't really figure out her husband.... is he going to get better soon .... I sure hope so

  2. We always have a little trouble getting someone to do jobs such as you are writing about. Seems we always end up waiting and sometime they don't show at all. Sure miss my deceased husband Mel 'cause he knew how to fix most everything. John knows how to grow peanuts and raise cattle.

  3. it was cool and windy too in the Temecula Valley today; I never saw the Ghost Whisperer; hoping you enjoyed it

    have a good weekend!



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