Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Morning

Well I really feel energized this morning. Maybe I need to hike every day (LOL). I'm not even sore from our hikes. My brother emailed me and said he was sore this morning but then, he's not used to the hikes. I walk every day so that helps.
I did almost have a mishap yesterday when we first started out. The trailhead going down to the Walker Ranch area is very steep from the road above. Since there was rain awhile back, the water had made a "rut" on the trail plus uncovered a lot of rocks, so we really had to watch our step. My brother was about 25 feet ahead of me when all of a sudden my left ankle twisted in the "rut". I started to lose my balance, but I at the same time, I was trying to keep from falling flat on my face and go rolling down the trail. Since I was on a slope, naturally my momentum was heading down that trail really fast. I must have "danced" about 10 feet before I finally caught my balance and was able to stop and catch my breath. All the while Keith is yelling "are you ok?" If I had actually hit the ground, I don't know how far I would have tumbled or what bones I may have broken.
But all in all, once I recuperated, we had a really nice hike.

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