Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day Two

Well, I had several people actually read my first blog and I even have a few followers now. Wow! That is so cool!Today is bright and sunny here in SoCal. Blue sky and big white fluffy clouds. But tomorrow they are saying we might get a little bit of rain again. That's ok. We really need it. I heard last week that they were talking about cutting back on the water they give to the California farmers in the Central Valley. That is NOT good.
This morning I went and had my "ever so important ta-ta squeeze" over at Kaiser Medical Center. Now I have THAT out of the way for this year. I never went for mammograms when I was younger. In fact, I did not have my first one until 2007 when I was already 57 years old. I was alway afraid of going because of all the "horror" stories you always hear. Well my first ever mammogram, they found a lump in my left breast. Since I had never had a mammogram up until that time, they had me come back in 6 months to see if there was any change. It had grown a little bit, so they sent me for a biopsy. I was lucky. The lump turned out to be benign, but I still had it removed, just to make sure. Now the problem is, the company I used to work for is saying they "might" take away some of the health plans they offer to retirees and the only one they will offer is one that I will NOT be able to afford. If they do that, I will not have health insurance anymore until I reach age 65 and can get medicare, and that is still 6 years away. THAT is scary.
Right now we are waiting for our handyman to come by. We want him to give us an estimate for painting the outside of our house. Also need a little woodwork repair around a couple of window panes outside and a few other spots on the outside of the house before he can do the painting. Hope he's reasonable.


  1. Hope the estimate is reasonable. Glad the lump was benign. I hate the word cancer!

  2. Hey Girl...glad your weather is nice...25 and cold...oh so very cold here in Kentucky!!!! but tomorrow and the rest of the week is supposed to be warmer...we need to clean our garage...over the winter months things just get put...no order it seems LOL..who knows what we will find??? LOL..happy day to ya...Ora


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