Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well, this morning, after fasting since dinner yesterday, I went over to the Kaiser Medical Facility again to do my annual lab work.....blood, urine, etc. The lab tech was so nice. She and I sat for about 15 minutes and just talked. She didn't have anyone else in the lobby waiting, so I guess she was just taking a little break. I really need to see if there are any doctors at this new facility who are accepting new patients. My doctor is at the main facility which is about 12 miles away and takes almost 45 minutes to get there because of all the traffic. Then once you get there, the place is so crowded and you have to wait in lines everywhere. The new facility is only 5 miles from our house, takes about 10 minutes to get there and both times I've had to go there, there were no crowds. I think after my next visit to my current doctor for my PAP, I'll call Kaiser and see if I can get transferred.
Been kind of humid here in SoCal today. Not as hot and clear as yesterday, but the humidity made it feel hotter.

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  1. Hope you are able to transfer over to make it easier.


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