Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mystery Leaks?????

Well, Ben and I have a mystery that we just cannot figure out.
For years, I have kept a plastic spray bottle of Oxy-Clean in my laundry cupboard. It's just a bottle of powdered Oxy-Clean and water that I use to spray on clothes when there are spots or on the carpet when something gets spilled. I've never had any problem with the bottle of liquid.
Last Friday, I went to do a load of laundry and there was liquid all over the shelf and dripping out of the cabinet door onto the washing machine. I thought the seam on the bottom of the bottle had split or something. I took everything out of the cupboard, wiped everything off and dried the shelf off, the put everything back into the cupboard.
I tossed the bottle that I thought had a split seam.
This morning, I found a new bottle in the garage and filled it with Oxy-Clean and water and placed it in the cupboard again. A few hours later, I went into the laundry room to get a plastic sack and noticed that once again, there was liquid dripping out of the cupboard. I opened the door and there the empty bottle sat and there was Oxy-Clean and water all over everything again.
Once again I removed everything, wiped everything off, dried off the shelf and replace everything into the cupboard, except for the plastic bottle.
We checked the plastic bottle and did not see any bad seams, we even filled it with plain water and we've had it setting on the kitchen counter all day and it has not leaked a drop.
We cannot figure out for the life of us why it seems to only leak when it's sitting in the laundry room cupboard.
Is this theTwilight Zone?


  1. twilight zone indeed.
    We have had the same happenstance in my dear man's tool box. He'll clean it out, and then days later, the oily slimy stuff reappears!!

  2. I think you's got a gremlin living there.


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