Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Email From Lanny

Ben's brother just sent me another email:

just talked with dr. dhanda--says ben is "dramatically better", and he's waiting for the pulmonary guy to come by and see if ben is able to be taken off the ventilator (by gradual weaning) and the sedation. didn't know when that doc will be coming, but i'll call in later in the day.

now kay, REST!!! lanny


  1. That is such good news. Now take Lanny's advise and rest. Seriously, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Ben both.

  2. Glad that he is doing better. Still sending up prayers up for him and for you. Helen

  3. Wow you are the second person's blog I've read today who have a relative seriously ill who are improving. Prayer works!


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