Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Evening Update For Ben

I just called the hospital. Nick his nurse told me that he was having trouble breathing because he was moving around a lot and somewhat agitated, so they gave him a little morphine to make him sleep. I don't like it when they give him morphine. They said he also has a low grade fever of 101° so they put ice packs in his arm pits and near his groin. This all worries me because he seemed to be doing a little better right before I left him today.


  1. WELL---good and not-so-good news in these last two posts, Kay... I am glad he is able to tolerate some 'food' in his tummy now. That is a good thing... Just wish he had some more energy...

    Hang in there, Kay... It's not easy for you--I know... God Bless YOU --and Ben.
    Prayers and Hugs,

  2. This sounds like a set back. I wish he would get better! I will keep praying, Kay! Wish we were closer to you so we could help you and visit with you. Just know you have friends in Tennessee.


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