Sunday, March 6, 2011

Update On Ben

Karren and I just got back from visiting Ben. Even though I took a "light" sleeping pill after lunch, I still could not go to sleep and I told Karren I thought it was because of my anxiaty about not being able to see Ben, so we went over there and spent about 45 minutes. YES I WORE A MASK.

His B/P was 114/88, pulse was 74, didn't get the rest of the numbers as the pulminary doctor was checking him and we wanted to get out of their way and I was getting a little weak standing there waiting. They asked me if his belly looked normal sized to me and I said yes. Then they mentioned that he had an irregular heart beat and asked if that was normal. I told them he has a heart murmur. They told me that his B/P was a little lower than they want it to be, so they were going to put him back to sleep a little more, but not as much as they had him before. They also told me that the irregular heart beat is probably because he is waking up and realizes that things are "not right" and so it's causing some stress. Also because he is in the bed slightly elevated, the lungs are probably pressing up on his heart and causing the irregular heart beat. His color looked good. I was talking to him and holding his hand and he was moving around. Tried to lift his shoulders and looked like he was trying to say something. I kept telling him not to try to talk. Karren saw him slit his eyes open once, but I didn't see it. The Wednesday nurse had told me they would shave his face. I had told her I had his razor but she said because of the breathing tube, they would do it, but no one had done it, so I asked Manny (his nurse today) and he said he would do it.

On the way home, Karren and I stopped for a slice of pizza and a coke.


  1. I'm sure that helped immensely to see Ben. You both are in my prayers.

  2. Sounds good, Kay, for you and for Ben... Hopefully, this next week will be much better for you both.

  3. Hope things keep looking up and so happy your friend is with you.

  4. Glad that Ben is doing better. Helen


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