Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Starting To Get Worried

I just called the hospital. Ben's nurse rose said that they turned the vent down yesterday to try to let Ben breathe on his own, but after 2 hours they had to bring it up again because he was getting tired. They had lowered the B/P meds for awhile, but they his B/P started dropping again and they had to put him back on the meds. Right now his B/P is 120/71. What worries me the most is that she said yesterday, his stomach was starting to get hard and distended again, so they ran a cat scan on him. The doctor will go over the results today sometime. She said his creatinine is 1.6 right now. His temperature is 98.1. He's still making urine ok. She said they have upped his sedation a little again so he can rest. She said when they bring it down, that is when he is responsive. I'm worried about the stomach again

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  1. Oh sweetie. Please try not to worry more. It is so hard to get info over the phone without seeing Ben for yourself. You guys are in my prayers.


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