Saturday, March 26, 2011

I cannot get to the hospital until this afternoon because our gardener cannot get into our backyard unless I open the garage for him to get through and he has not been able to mow our backyard for 3 weeks. The grass is getting tall, so…
Anyway, I called the hospital and talked to Ben's nurse Alana. She was his nurse last week and she is really sweet. Anyway, she said he is doing good this morning. He is wide awake right now, so I asked her to tell him that I cannot get there until later this afternoon. Hopefully he will understand. I forgot to ask her if they have him on the breathing trial. She did say that his stomach is very bloated this morning. I wish they could find out what is causing that. But they cannot do that procedure they want to do until his blood thickens up. I'll send more info later today after I get home from visiting him.

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