Monday, March 7, 2011

Call From Cardiologist

.I just got a call from a cardiologist at Henry Mayo who asked me some health questions about Ben because they noticed he had a little heart arrhythmia so the called the cardiologist. Dr. Yee says it's not severe but they want to monitor it and treat it and make sure that Kaiser follows up on it. We knew Ben has a heart murmur and they did an ultrasound on it last week at Kaiser. Anyway, he needed to know some information about Ben's family history, etc. I called Ben's brother and left him a message so that he can call this doctor and tell him anything else that I might not have known.


  1. It's good that they are giving him a great health check up.

  2. It sounds like Ben is getting the best of care. It's always good to have as much family health history as possible, ya never know. I'm a twin and just found out that tho, both of us have had murmurs all of our lives, my brother also has a birth defect that was just detected a month ago. Apparently, it's something that does not show up until later in life.
    Glad to hear that Ben is coming along.
    BlessYourHearts and PrayersAreStillComing


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