Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Phone Call

I was awaken about 10 minutes before 6:00 AM with a call from the hospital. They said Ben's blood levels were down and they had not gotten signed permission to give him transfusions if necessary and they were asking me if I would ok the transfusions. Of course I said yes. I asked why his levels are low and they said there is no leakage from the surgery wounds but it is probably because he is so fresh out of surgery. The nurse (Jessica) said there was no reason for alarm but now I am getting really worried.


  1. I truly understand your worry and I would be too. But maybe they are right about it being so soon after surgery. He had major surgery. Prayers are coming your way for you and Ben. Hang in there sweetie and keep us posted.

  2. You can't help be worried. You both are in my prayers too thanks to Patsy and Bennie.


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