Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Here We Go Again

Well, yesterday after I got home from being with Ben for about 2 hours, I tried to settle down and rest, but my pulse was beating wildly. I assumed a nice bath and some rest would take care of it. I crawled into bed around 8:30 PM. I tossed and turned but could not fall to sleep. I kept turning on the TV and watching a few shows, but I was so anxious that I just could not relax or concentrate on anything. Around 2:00 PM, I finally fell asleep, but it was a fitful sleep. Around 5:00 AM, I woke up and felt my B/P was high and my pulse was racing, so I woke Karren up and she took my B/P. It was 194/124 and my pulse was 107. Karren called 911, so off against I went in the ambulance over to Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial. They ran tests on me and said my heart was fine, and that I was just having an anxiety attack. They gave me some meds to lower the B/P and also give me a pill to relax me because I explained to the doctor what was going on in my life and he said that I'd probably been trying to be strong and I was holding everything in and it just all finally came to a head. He said my heart is healthy, so are my kidneys and my liver.

So Keith came and got me and brought me home. The ER doctor gave me a prescription for the relaxant pills, which Keith has gone to pickup for me. I made a follow-up for Friday with my primary doctor (at Kaiser) to see if maybe he has any suggestions about my medication doses, etc.

Karren is going home this afternoon because Keith is going to stay with me tonight and tomorrow and the will drive me to and from my doctor's appointment Friday, they my friend Lynn Toler is coming up to stay with me for a few days.

Talked to Ben's nurse. She said the have taken him almost completely off sedation and he is moving all over the place and he has his eyes open and responds to their commands. The x-ray the surgeon ordered was inconclusive, so she has called into the doctor. If I get a little stronger by late afternoon, I will have Keith drive me over there. Hopefully more later.

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  1. Oh my. I feel so guilty telling you to stay strong. You must be under so much strain. Please take care. I think I will give you a rest from my comments and just know I am reading and praying for you all.


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