Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Ben Update

Well, today was good for one thing and crappy for another.
First, Ben's conditions was downgraded from critical to serious, but because of this change, Kaiser insisted he be moved to their Panorama City Hospital. Both Ben and I are very upset about this, but there is nothing we can do because if we refuse, we would be liable for all of the medical bills and there is no way we could afford that. He was getting such good care at Henry Mayo and they had just started his physical/occupational therapy with 2 really great ladies. They put him on a floor that is not ICU, but also still not a regular room because he is supposed to be watched very closely by the nurses still. When I got there, I find him in a room way down the hall and isolated away from the nurses' station. There is no way they could watch over him like the should especially when he keeps begging me to bring him home and he keeps trying to get up out of bed. He is so weak that if he got up, he'd fall and get hurt, so they have restrained him to the bed. My friend Lynn told me to go out and complain to the charge nurse about where they had him, so I did. She told me they would move him. When I got home and called to check in on him, they had moved him. The restrained him to the bed which I agreed to. They said they explained to him why they had to do that and they said he was starting to fall asleep.
I'm a nervous wreck because I kept trying to get with the social worker at Henry Mayo to get his SDI started. She didn't show up until they were transporting him out of there and she handed me some SDI papers and told me to take them to the Disability Office at Kaiser and they would help me fill them out and get it started. The woman there tells me Henry Mayo should have started the SDI because he was there for the first 2 weeks. But then she told me to call Ben's and my Kaiser primary doctor and ask if he will ok the SDI for Ben. He knows the story because I told him what was going on when I went to see him after my ER visits. I have emailed our primary doctor and I am also going to try to leave him a voicemail tomorrow morning. I sure wish my cousin Lynda was nearby to help me with this because getting SDI for people is her job. Lanny, Ben's brother said that if I still have problems after asking our doctor to OK it, Lanny will help me at Henry Mayo to get it straightened out. Problem is, the lady at Kaiser Disability told me that Ben has to sign the papers. He cannot even hold a pen from the edema. He is still very swollen due to the fluids they are pumping into him.
I hate that Kaiser is 25 miles away and HM was only 8 miles away. Plus I cannot leave until later in the morning after all the rush hour traffic from the Antelope Valley has gone through on their way down to Los Angeles for work. I was able to get to HM around 8:30 AM, but I won't be able to get to Kaiser until around 10:00 AM or later.
I was successful in getting his pay checks deposited into our bank account.


  1. So sorry you are having to go through so much. My prayers are still with Ben and with you as I know a sick husband can take it's toll on a person.

  2. I hate they moved him so far away. Prayers for you and Ben. Hang in there sweetie.


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