Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Update On Ben

Lynn and I got to the hospital around 8:30 AM. Ben was propped up in his bed and recognized us when we came through the door. First thing he said to me, in a raspy voice, was "GET ME OUT OF THIS PLACE!" Naturally I had to again explain to him that he could not leave because he has to get better and he can only do that in the hospital. I brought him is TV glasses so he could see the TV better. They were showing "The Simpsons Movie" today, so that kept him occupied for quite awhile. Sometimes I can understand what he is saying, but sometimes I can't. Then he gets mad because I cannot understand. Nurse said that early this morning he had 3 small BMs which was really good and she said she did hear some very soft gurgling in his stomach, but not a lot. We kept trying to get him to cough and to move his arms around. Sometimes I'd help him with his arms because they said the more he moved his body, the more his stomach and bowels will improve. They had him on a nebulizer for awhile to try to clear the mucus from his throat. They gave us a thing for him to suck on to see if he could make a little ball in it rise. He kept trying to blow instead of suck. They are trying to get him to inflate his lungs better so he can breathe easier. Late this afternoon, he had a very significant BM. So each day he improves. Lynn and I had lunch in the hospital cafeteria. We cannot believe what good food they have there and how reasonable it is. Yesterday we had wild salmon there and today we had meat lasagna.


  1. So glad you can report good news...hang on!!!

  2. So glad to hear the good news. We live very close to our hospital and belong to something called Senior Circle so we can eat at the hospital with a good discount anytime we want and any of the three meals we want. It has been a blessing to us.

  3. Sounds like great news about your hubby, Kay... My prayers continue to be with both of you. How are you feeling?


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