Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Update On Ben

I went over to Henry Mayo this morning. Ben did not open his eyes at all while I was there even though the nurses kept telling me to squeeze his hand because that's how they got him to open his eyes. Is B/P is still low. They are giving him IV liquids for that. Because of the low B/P, his kidneys are not working properly. They said once they get his B/P up his kidneys should heal themselves. There is a slight chance the may have to have temporary dialysis but they are hoping that will not be the case. He is hooked up to all kinds of machines including a respirator. This is because the want his B/P up before they remove the breathing tube and also want him to get as much sleep as possible. He looks so helpless lying there in that bed. While I was there the hospital chaplain came by and asked if I wanted her to pray with me and we did. She was very nice asking me about Ben and myself and about our family.

I am going to call ICU in awhile to see if he is more awake. If not, I don't think I'll go back today because I really need some sleep so I don't get sick. If he is awake, I'll go back for a little while. I'm just glad that he is at Henry Mayo 8 miles away instead of at Kaiser 25 miles away.

More later.


  1. Oh Kay, I just hope that Ben will soon be fine... You are smart to stay home and sleep if he is still sleeping.

    God Bless You both.

  2. Kay, Bennie and I are thinking of you and Ben. Just hope all will be well soon.

  3. Thank goodness he is close to home where you can get some rest. Sending up more prayers for him and for strength for you.

  4. Yes take care of yourself because when he comes home you will be busy. My prayers are lifted for Ben and for you.

  5. Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way.
    I pray for Ben a full recovery, and you my dear take care of yourself.

  6. Sorry to hear Ben is back in the hospital. Praying for you both. Glad they were able to find the problem and fix it. Take care, Sheila


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