Saturday, March 5, 2011

Early Saturday Morning

Thought maybe today I was going to feel up to going to the hospital, but right now I don't. Still very weak and my lower back and ribs are hurting me from all of that violent vomiting I did the other night. Stayed in bed all day yesterday and went into a "solid" sleep last night around 7:30 PM. Only woke up about once to go to the bathroom. Maybe if I stay in bed all day today again, I'll be able to visit Ben tomorrow. Will have to call later to see how he is doing.


  1. Goodness gracious girl ~ you've been through the wringer. I hope you get feeling better really soon! My mom went through an incident like your Ben where her whole intestines had twisted and they needed to take it all out, clean it out, and put it all back into her body radiator style. When it first happened the doctor said her intestines had looked like a used up worn out garden hose that was tossed into the corner of the garage. She too was VERY sick from it. It was a 21 day hospital stay for her; but now she's doing great!

  2. Sorry to hear Ben is not much better and you are so sick to.
    Hoping all will be better soon.

  3. Be sure to take it slow. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better.

  4. You sure don't want to give him what you have had. I hope you feel better soon, Kay and I hope Ben does too! Will say a prayer for you!

  5. Good Morning, Kay... I think you should stay in ONE more day at least. You were a sick gal..... I can't take Codeine either --but didn't have a reaction like you did... It's a powerful drug.

    Hope Ben is a little better today.


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