Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Update For Ben

My hiking buddy Linda came by and picked me up at 9:00 AM to take me over to the hospital this morning. Ben was about the same today as he was yesterday. Still on the ventilator, still slightly sedated, still doing about 70% of his own breathing. B/P was good. He still has a low grade fever about 99° so it's not too bad. I've been told by the nurses that a low grade fever actually helps fight off bacteria in the body. They removed the staples from his incision today, so that's a major thing. Both the surgeon and the ICU doctor came in and talked to me. The surgeon ok'd them to try to give him some "food" through his NG tube today. They had not done it yet by the time I had left, so I will call later to see how it went. He was awake some while we were there. I tried to get him to watch TV, but he kept dozing off some. He tries to talk to me, but with the ventilator tube he can't talk. I see him moving his lips and tongue and I know what he is trying to say…he wants me to bring him home. I have to keep explaining to him how sick he is and he gets so frustrated and starts frowning. They still have to restrain him to his bed because he keeps trying to put his feet over the side and get out of the bed. If he did, he'd fall because he is so weak. His color was very good today. I heard the ICU doctor mention to the nurse that they need to start getting some therapy people in with him to start working with him. Don't know when they will show up though. Lanny, Ben's brother showed up around noon and he spoke with the ICU doctor. Got about the same information I got. A social worker came in and took me to a private room and spoke with me. She took a bunch of notes about Ben and me and said she would help me with whatever I need if possible. She says Ben will probably go to a rehab home before coming to our home and he may need some in-home nursing once he's here because he's going to be "homebound" for a long time. He is just so weak. I kills me to see him this way…not able to do anything for himself. The ICU doctor tells me that he improves a little bit each day, but it's going to take awhile. Thanks to everyone for the support and prayers.

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  1. I know he must be wanting to go home. That's so hard for you I know since you know he has to go to a rehab. Prayers still coming your way for you all.


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