Saturday, March 5, 2011

Email From Ben's Brother

Just got this email from Ben's brother:

Ben seems be doing much better, though still not wakened. his creatinine reading (a measure of kidney function) is down to 1.3 (normal is 1, upon arrival at hospital his was 5!). his b.p. is 121 over 82, pretty close to normal. he is putting out about 50cc of urine at each check, which is good. this info from manny, his nurse (seeing ben for the first time today). manny says it is not unusual to keep people under sedation for a considerable period after surgery. i left a message for dr. dhanda to get more info. they don't know when he'll do rounds today. his number to be paged (to be used only in case of true emergency) is 661 288 5051 lanny

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  1. That sounds great. Looks like it will be a slow process but as long as things are improving that's good. Hope you're improving too.


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