Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Keith and I went over to see Ben for about 30 minutes this afternoon. I was too weak to stay much longer than that. His nurse Kelli said she is really worried about him. She told Keith that she wishes he' d start progressing a little faster. He was moving around a lot. He seemed really agitated. Kelli said she kept coming in to find him with his legs almost of the edge of the bed like he was planning on getting up. This time he actually did squeeze my finger. The other time he didn't. He kept trying to lift his head and shoulders. Looked like he wanted to talk. Kept wrinkling his forehead like he was mad. I know inside he was telling me he wanted to go home.

They had the vent turned off for awhile, but still inserted. He was breathing totally on his own, but he started getting tired, so the turned it back on. His B/P was about 118/74 but pulse was still around 96. They were giving him another unit of blood. Kelli said it's because his body cannot produce its own very well with him lying on his back like that. The special x-ray they did was inconclusive because the intestines didn't start to move after they inserted the dye. Kelli said she put a call into the doctor about that.

I'm pretty sure Ben could see me. He opened his eyes about half way and just kept staring at me.

While I was in the ER this morning, I explained my plight to them so they knew why I was in there. They told me that as long as he is on the vent, HM will NOT transfer him to Kaiser. Also if he is NOT completely stable, they won't transfer either.

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  1. So sorry you and Ben are not doing so well. I am keeping you and him in my prays.


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