Monday, March 7, 2011

Ben Update

Karren had to leave for her doctor appointment. Her husband is trying to sell his late mother's home so they have a gas company guy coming to check out a furnace problem at the house too. This means she cannot come back down until after the gas company shows up because she no longer drives and Wally has to bring her back down. She is going to stay with me for at least a couple more days. I won't be able to go see Ben today because I do not feel like driving myself over there.

I just called the hospital to check on Ben. His nurse Rose said he pretty much the same. His B/P is 124/76 but his heart rate is a little fast at 110, but she said that is not extremely high. He is still making urine ok. She said he is still stable and they are going to try to wean him off the induced coma a little again today. She confirmed for me that "stable but critical" does mean that he needs to be in ICU but that he is progressing normally.

So I'm just going to be hanging here on the sofa watching TV.


  1. Glad to hear Ben is getting better. He is on the way up now. Have a good day and get some rest.

  2. Sounds like he is holding his own. I hate that you both are so sick. Seems like you should be feeling better by now. Is it flu confirmed? I sure hope you will both be well soon and I said a prayer for you both this morning in my morning prayer before work. I'm on lunch now and about to head back at it. Working from home today.

    Take care.

  3. I hope you're able to find something to keep you from thinking too much. Glad Ben is improving even if it's very slowly.


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