Thursday, March 10, 2011

As Of 10:50 AM My Time

Not much to report yet today. I called the hospital around 8:30AM for a check on Ben. They told me he is still stable and there is not much change right now. He has been opening his eyes and moving some. The doctors had not yet been in to see him. Keith and I will probably go over after we have some lunch. The sedatives they gave me while I was in ER really knocked me out last night. Slept through the entire night until I woke up at 6:00 AM. I went to bed around 7:00 PM last night and feel right to sleep. They make me very groggy after waking, so I'm going to only take them when I feel I need them and only take about 1/2 of the pill instead of the whole thing. I'm the kind of person that can take 2 aspirin and get drowsy. Keith and I went over to the grocery store to pick up a few TV dinners which will be easier for me to fix and eat once I'm back alone again. Also picked up some fresh fruit. I have a lot of food at the house but it's just a matter of defrosting it and cooking it. Once I get into some kind of a routine again, I'll be more settled. Tomorrow morning I have my 9:00 AM follow-up with my Kaiser doctor for the time I was in the ER at Henry Mayo. I feel so much more calm today than I did the other night. Will write more after we visit Ben

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  1. Take care of yourself Kay. Prayers still going up for Ben and you.


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