Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dr. Manek

I have not mentioned to everyone that Dr. Manek, the doctor who finally advocated so hard to find out what Ben's problem was, came by Ben's room yesterday to say goodbye. He said he had heard that Ben's organs were failing. He said he felt so bad that the problem had not been found sooner and that Ben could have been saved. He was the only doctor there that really tried to help and even though he was able to finally find the problem, he was not able to do it in time. He was the ONLY doctor that had taken care of Ben that came by to see Ben before he passed. I just wish that some of the other doctors had been as intent on finding the real problem.


  1. Dr Manek sounds like a caring man.

    Don't let the "if only-s" get to you though as they will pull you down.

  2. Good for Dr. Manek. When my husband died his doctor sent us a card and wrote if there was anything he could do to let him know. You just don't find these caring doctors often. Hope you're doing okay.


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