Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Kay Did Today

Slept about 6 or 7 hours last night. Got an email from my doctor today. He said he put in a prescription for some Ambien for me to pick up if I wanted, but I'm not going to pick it up because I've heard such bad things about it plus he told me that it would probably knock me out more than the Ativan plus it is very addictive. He also told me that if I did not want to take Ambien for me to get some OTC Benadryl 20-25mg which is what several of my online friends had already suggested. I was going to pick some up today, but didn't get around to doing it, so maybe tomorrow. Linda came by at 9:15 am and we went over to the senior center for my first Grief Support Group. A friend from work, DeDee Parenteau met us there. She lost her husband 2 1/2 years ago and she is still grieving. She's been going to another grief support group but wanted to try the one I was starting. We both found it very interesting. After the group the 3 of us went over to Round Table Pizza for their pizza and salad buffet. We sat there for about 2 hours just talking about everything. DeDee and I discussed her husband Don and we talked about Ben. It was nice to be able to talk openly with some who understands what I'm going through. DeDee refers to it as "someone who 'gets it'" which I find a perfect way to say it. After lunch, Linda and I went over to the Social Security Office. I had to have them fax a copy of my marriage license to Salinas, CA to the guy who is handling me case for getting my widow's benefits from Ben's social security account. Then we went over to the mall. I was looking for some nice boxes for some of Ben's ashes. Ben's brother Lanny and sister Donna want some of Ben's ashes, so I wanted to find something nice to put them in. Plus I want to also keep a little more than what I will have in the cremation locket I bought. We went to a store call "Things Remembered". They had these really nice silver plated boxes that are lined with felt that will hold maybe 2 to 3 tablespoons of ashes. They have a nice "clasp" on them so it won't come open very easily. I could have had them engraved, but I really didn't know what to put on them, but if any of us want them engraved later, I was told that we could bring them to the store and they will do it then. It's like $15 for the first 5 words. Then we went over to the Sees Candy Store. As I had mentioned on Facebook, Ben had bought 3 discount coupons from Costco towards 3 lbs of Sees Chocolate Candy. He had only used 1 of the coupons, so I found the other 2 coupons the other day and thought I'd better use at least 1 of them right now, so we did that. Got home just before 4:30 pm, so had a really long day. So now I'm home starting to feel lonely again. When I'm out with other people like I as today, I feel pretty good, but once I'm back home and alone, I really start missing my "Sweetums" again.


  1. Kay, I can fully understand what you're going through. I still haven't gotten over the loss of my parents. Things will eventually get better - but the grieving, healing, and readjustment process takes a long time. I'm glad that you have friends and family to help. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Glad you had a good day and getting out and being with others sounds like a good thing. I hope the grief groups can help you. In the past I have found group therapy is beneficial.


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