Friday, June 24, 2011

Kay's Friday Update

Went to the Caregiver's Support Group today with Linda. I don't really feel like this group applies to me anymore, but several members wanted me to continue coming and it is nice to be with other people to take my mind off of things. I'm fine when I am with people. After the group, Linda and I went to Subway for lunch. We sat outside and just talked for awhile. Linda had to be at work (her last day) at Sam's Club at 1:30 am. After I dropped her off, I went over to BofA to collect the last payment of Ben's State Disability. When I got home I found some fresh cut flowers on my front porch with a sympathy card from the 2 girls who live next door to me. I came in and was putting the cash away that I had just gotten at the bank and I started to cry. I would give all of the money I have, my house, my cars, everything I own just to have my sweet Ben back with me. It all means nothing to me without him by my side. I don't look forward to weekends at all now. Just two more days alone to sit and think about Ben. I wish there was some way to hurry this grief period along so it would not hurt so much.

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  1. Sending prayers your way. Nice of your neighbor's to bring you some fresh flowers. Helen


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