Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Update For ME

Today my brother Keith and I went to what I thought was going to be my last visit to my Caregivers Support Group at the senior center. However, many of the members asked me to continue coming because they said I may be able to help them when the time comes that they lose the loved one that they are caring for right now. I felt "loved" by that and decide I will continue to go. It will give me something to occupy my time and maybe be of some support for my new friends there. So Tuesday I will go to my first Grief Support Group and make some other new friends. At least this will give me something to do two day out of my lonely week. After the meeting, we stopped by the Verizon store so I could remove Ben's cell phone line from my account. The girl there was very nice and helped me to change my account from the Nationwide Family Share Account a Nationwide Individual Account. She was able to help me save $30 a month on my cell phone bill which is good. I'm finding a few ways to save some money now since Ben is no longer here with his part-time job income and I am no longer receiving his State Disability money. I'll also save some money when I take him off of my health care plan. Cannot do that until I get the death certificates but that will cut my monthly premiums by about half. Keith and I stopped by Sam's Club to get some lunch at their deli counter and saw Linda as she was working today. Told her to let me know if she wanted to go for a walk later when she gets off work. When we got home, Keith had to leave, which was a little hard for me because this is now the first time that I have been totally alone since Ben died. I was also able to remove Ben from our Joint Accounts with ING online. That was an easy one because I was the one who added him and they make it very easy to remove a joint owner. Once I get copies of the death certificate, I will make an appointment with my attorney to have her help me start removing his name from the "BIG" things like the house, the vehicles, etc. I should be able to take care of his credit cards. We had a lot of credit cards that each of us had gotten before we were married. He had his accounts and I had mine, so we never added each other to them. The ones that he had just in his name should be easy to close. The accounts that we had together, I will just have his name removed. Still working on the plans for his memorial. I think it will go smoothly.


  1. When Mel died I joined WPS, widowed person's support group. It helped so much to meet people who were in the same boat as I. Its been over twenty years and I'm still friends with some of them. Take care.

  2. So good that you are staying with the Caregivers group; I'm sure you'll be a help to them and they to you. I can't imagine how difficult this be for you, but you surely are taking steps to keep moving forward in all areas of your life. So difficult, but so necessary. You have truly been an inspiration through this!

  3. So much paper work to attend to. I'm amazed you have been able to close out as many things as you have without a death certificate. I needed a death certificate for everything!

    I never joined a support group. I don't think our small community has one.

    There's a lady that blogs for widows here:

    On Face Book there is a lady called Widow Chick and she has set up a whole website for widows with on line chat etc.



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