Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Update For Ben

Ben was asleep when I came into his room this morning and he did not wake up in the 3 hours I was there. His nurse Lisa said that she had given him some Ativan yesterday evening and that it must have still been in his system because he is not urinating very much so his body is holding liquids and the Ativan would come out in his urine. I could not get him to even open his eyes. His heart rate was 96, his breathing was 22 and his blood pressure was 110/65. His arms, hands, legs and feet were still a little puffy, but as I've said, he is not urinating very much. His blood levels were down due to all of the fluids they are giving him due to his kidney malfunctioning, so they were giving him a unit of blood while I was there. His nurse Lisa told me that he did come back positive for MRSA but that it is inactive right now. It is in his nose. I was told he's probably had it for a long time, but they always test for it in ICU and that's when they discovered it. Because of this, anyone who goes into his room must wear a gown and rubber gloves. I picked up a booklet in the ICU called "Living with MRSA" and I've been reading up on it and researching it online. As long as it stays inactive, he should be ok. It's been around forever, but was not really discovered until the 1960's. It's very common in hospitals and a lot of nurses and doctors are even carries of it. My advocate (Lisa) from my attorney's office came by to see Ben today.

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  1. Glad that Ben seems better. My prayers are still with you both. Helen


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