Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday "ME" Update

So many people came back to me with so many nice emails about me sending out the update on "ME" yesterday. Many have asked me to continue it for awhile so that they know how I am doing. So far so good, except for the crying that just comes over me at any time and at any place. This morning my brother Keith and I went down to the mortuary. It is located right across the street from the San Fernando Mission. We met with Heidi. She was very sweet. She went over the cremation arrangements with me. Keith helped me pick out a sterling silver heart-shaped cremation locket. I would have like to go gold, but it was twice the price of the silver and Ben would have told me "don't spend so much money!" I didn't buy a chain for it from them because the chains did not look very sturdy. I want to get a chain that won't break as easily so I'll go to a jeweler here in town once I get the locket and pick out a chain. Ben was still at the hospital morgue so they could not give me a lock of his hair yet, but Heidi said they will have it for me when I come by to pick up the ashes. After we left, I called Ben's brother and texted Ben's sister to tell them that the cremation will take place on Friday June 24th and it's a 1 1/2 day process. I think a lot of the mortuaries use the same crematory so they have to take the next available space. They told me that I should be able to pick up his ashes around June 27th or 28th. Ben's sister told me that she would also like to have a lock of Ben's hair, so I called Heidi back and she told me she would make sure she got two locks. While at the mortuary, Keith mentioned that we would need a guest book for the memorial. We looked at the ones they had, but they were very expensive. When we got home, we went to the Hallmark Store and found a really nice one for $20. It is blue which is Ben's favorite color. Now I need Linda to help me find some nice little metal or porcelain containers to save some of Ben's ashes in. I want one for me, one for Ben's sister Donna and his brother Lanny also requested that he get some of the ashes. So I accomplished one major unpleasant thing today. Keith and I went out to lunch at Der Weinerschnitzle. When we got home I called Citibank Credit Cards because I had a question about my account. I was able to have them take Ben off of my card at the same time and they also told me they would send me some forms to either take over the account on his credit card or I can have it closed if I want. We each had our own account. They were not joint accounts, but we were both authorized for each other's card. I also called State Disability to have that stopped. I had just gotten it renewed through October, so that was something that needed to get done. Two more things down and done. I still keep thinking that Ben is down at Kaiser in his bed wondering why I have not come to visit him. I wanted to thank everyone for telling me how much they enjoyed the video tribute I made for Ben on YouTube. I've had several people ask if I would make another one showing photos of Ben and me together through the years. I will try to work on that.


  1. Glad that you were able to get all that done. Helen

  2. Sorry I can't view videos well on my computer but I'm sure it was very nice. Glad you got some of you chores done. I know there are so many things to take care of but it is something to keep your mind occupied for now. Take care.


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