Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Update For Kay

Today was pretty uneventful. It's been one week today that Ben passed away. I got out of bed this morning and had breakfast. Had to call AT&T again because I had called last Monday to have Ben's name taken off of our home phone account and change it into my name. They cannot just "change" it. They have to cancel his account and then open a new one in my name. I tried to get online to check to make sure that everything had been taken care of but found that Ben's name was still showing and when I tried to set up a new online account so in my name so I can pay the bills online, I found it would not let me do it, so I called them again. They told me that it takes about 3 days for the entire process t be done, so told me to try again on Friday to set up my online account. It was too hot today to go outside to walk or anything else. When Ben was alive and at work 3 days a week, I didn't mind staying in the house doing "nothing". I'd sit on the computer or watch TV, but today, I was totally bored doing that. This was the first time in the 5 years I've been retired that I ever felt bored. I talked to Linda on the phone for awhile. Got a call from Moon who was my social worker at All Saints. She had just found out about Ben's passing. I cried a little as I spoke with her. I made lunch and just vegged all day on the sofa. Chatted with Ben's brother-in-law Rich for awhile on Facebook chat. He told me that Ben's sister Donna is not accepting Ben's death very well. I knew she wasn't. I played a few online games. I hope this is NOT what my life turns out to be now. I am thinking about checking out some places to volunteer, but I'm not quite ready to actually do that yet. I'm still thinking about getting a dog, but that's another thing I'm not quite ready to do just yet. Now I'm still sitting on the sofa and I'm feeling like I'm about to fall asleep.

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