Friday, December 30, 2011

Alone Again With Hiker

Had breakfast before we took Hiker out for a walk this morning. This was Keith's last day here for this visit. Before he left, we went over to Sam's Club to pick up a few things. I needed him to help me with the big bag of dog food for Hiker since my back is still giving me trouble. We came back home and I made us spaghetti and chili for lunch and Keith left around 12:30 pm. It's quiet here now with just me and Hiker. I did some laundry and ran the dish washer. Also needed to pay some bills that came while Keith was here. Time to get back into my “normal” routine. Took Hiker out for a 1 mile walk this afternoon. It was in the low 80's. I think Hiker is missing Keith because she seemed kind of “sad” this afternoon.

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