Monday, December 5, 2011

Mellow Monday

I have found out that Hiker loves to snack on fruit. So far she likes oranges, bananas and apples and today she tried pineapple. I always look on the Internet to see if it OK for her to eat something before I give it to her. I read where some dogs also like veggies, but so far, she does not seem to like any veggies. For those of you who keep asking how Hiker is doing with her potty training....she is doing great. She now pretty much lets me know when she has to go outside. She did have an accident the other day. It seems that when she thinks I'm mad at her, she lets loose with the pee, so that goes along with my thinking that someone abused her when she was a puppy. It was too cold for an early morning walk again, so we waited until it got a little warmer and I drove Hiker over to our Central Park for a walk and there was a filming crew there. Don't know if they were filming for a movie or for TV but they were doing something about baseball which is strange as there were leaves falling all around them and it was obvious it was fall and not summer. Just as we were getting ready to leave for our walk this morning, I turned on my sprinklers and noticed that one of them was pretending to be a geyser. Had to fix it before we could leave. I think maybe the gardener ran over it with the mower and chopped of the top because I had to dig and replace the entire pop-up stem. Luckily I had some spares in the garage. Also a good thing that I was the one who always took care of the sprinklers instead of Ben or I would not have know how to fix it. While on my walk I got a little teary eyed. I got to thinking about how scared and lonely Ben must have been in that hospital all of the hours that I could not be there with him. Even though I went to be with him every day and spent almost all of the day with him, I'm sure he wished I could have been there 24/7. I know I would have wanted him with me 24/7 if I had been the one with all of the tubes stuck in my body. He cried at least 2 or 3 times that I remember when I was there. Took Hiker over to PetSmart after lunch to get her some new indoor toys. She loves to play ball more than anything. Tennis balls are too hard for indoor play but if I give her fabric balls, she rips them to shreds and if I give her rubber balls, she chews them into little pieces and I'm afraid she will swallow them. I found some “rope” twined balls that are not real hard, but I'm sure that eventually she will end up tearing them all apart too. She is just really hard on toys. She destroys all of them eventually. Took Hiker down to the dry riverbed to walk around in the afternoon. She doesn't really care how far we go or how long we are gone, just as long as she is able to get outside and roam around awhile. Once I get her home, she is totally satisfied and usually takes a nap.

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  1. Awww....what a sweet dog. I enjoyed reading your post. Yeah, my dog chewed up all of her toys too. Hers never lasted long. I love the picture you attached- Hiker is so cute!!


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