Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Keith Didn't Feel Good, Then My Back Went Out

28° this morning when we got up. Keith told me that he did not feel good. He was having a stomach ache and feeling very bloated. We had planned to go to my grief group together today but Keith told me to go by myself as he knew that my friend DeDee was going to be there, and that he would just stay home with Hiker. I knew Hiker would be glad of that. It meant that she would not have to stay in the garage for three hours. Plus there was not much I could do for Keith. I know that when you feel bad, a lot of times you prefer to just be left alone. Don't know what caused his stomach ache. We both ate the same foods on Monday and I felt fine, but he does have these kinds of problems now and then. Met with DeDee at the group and we had a very good session. The room was totally full. Had some good discussion today. After group, I headed home. Keith was feeling better so he and I went over to Subway and picked up a couple of sandwiches to bring back home for lunch. Keith told me that while I was gone, about 95% of the time, Hiker was looking for me or watching the front door waiting for me to come home, so now I know what she does when I leave her at home alone. My lower back went out on me while I was at the Senior Center. I have had that happen so many times before. There is no rhyme or reason for it, it just goes out on its own and stays out for several days. Hope it doesn't last too long. Keith and I were hoping to get in a hike tomorrow. We moved Ben's easy chair out onto the patio this afternoon, so that was another big step for me. We bought that chair about 12 years ago at the Sears outlet that used to be over in Canoga Park. The wood in one of the chairs arms was broken from when Ben pulled me down to sit on the arm years ago and the seat cushions were shot. I kept telling him I wanted to buy him a new chair but he kept telling me that he had this one all broken in and that he did not want a new one. So needless to say, there is no way I could totally toss it, so out on the patio it went. Now I can lounge in it with my laptop out there on nice days. Someday I plan to buy some new living room furniture only I'm afraid Hiker will destroy it.

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  1. Another little step towards coping without him. Hiker sure does love you. Hope you and Keith are feeling better tomorrow.


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