Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Feeling Much Better

Went to bed last night around 8:30 PM and went to sleep around 9:00. Woke up still feeling very weak. Stayed in bed until almost 8:00 AM and then got up and went to soak in the tub again. Poor Hiker, she just cannot figure out why we are not going for the walks like we used too. I feel so sorry for her. After breakfast, I decided to get dressed and at least take Hiker for a walk around the block here inside the community. It actually made me feel better getting out in the fresh cool air and I know it made Hiker happy. Maybe the warm stale air inside the house is not helping me. I actually felt so much better today that I was able to keep my lunch date with my friends Karren & Wally. We went to Marie Calendars. It was really a nice change from being in the house all day and not knowing what to fix for lunch. I had a chicken pot pie with a salad and slice of lemon meringue pie. Had a really nice time with them. When Ben was alive, the four of us used to get together for lunch a lot and we even took a vacation to Ferndale together a couple of times. I also gave Wally some of Ben's work sweat shirts and T-shirts, plus gave him Ben's winter coat. Ben would be happy to know that Wally will enjoy them. Hiker loved playing with Wally while they were here. After they left to head home, I actually got out with Hiker for a one mile walk. Maybe tomorrow morning I'll feel well enough to get over to Wal-Mart very early in the morning before the crowds get there so I can do my grocery shopping, and maybe Friday morning I can get over to Kaiser's Lab and do my blood work. If not, I'll try to go over Monday morning before my brother Keith gets here for his visit. For the first day of winter, we had beautiful weather here in SoCal. Got up to about 70° and was clear and sunny. They are saying Christmas weekend will be the same weather, which is pretty normal for us.


  1. Glad that you are feeling better, I know Hiker was glad that you were feeling better. Nice of you to give Ben's clothes to someone he knew.

    In a few days I will have another back surgery. I have another ruptured disk. Helen

  2. I hope your health stays on the up side ~ it's not fun being sick. Have a Merry Christmas dear cyberspace friend:) ~mel


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