Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

It was 27° when Hiker and I woke up this morning. Stayed under the covers until the house warmed up some then got up and made breakfast. Went for a 1.5 mile walk and it was still cold the low 30's. Hiker wore her quilt coat and actually did pretty good with it on. Think she is getting more used to it. Got all of my blood work results back. Most of the numbers are pretty good. My cholesterol and triglycerides are still higher than they should be but much lower than they were this time last year. Remember, I cannot take the statins to lower my cholesterol and triglycerides because they give me fatigue and muscle pain, but all in all, I am very happy with my numbers. I am tired a lot of the time, and I am going to mention that to my doctor when I see him. I'm thinking my numbers are pretty good due to the fact that I lost the 20 lbs during the time Ben was in the hospital and after he died, and I have not gained it back. I'm exercising again, thanks to Hiker, plus I am not eating as much red meat as I did when Ben was alive. He was a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy. Tried to keep busy so I wouldn't think about it being Christmas Eve, so I mopped my floors and cleaned the master bathroom. I could not believe all of Hiker's hair in that bathroom. You would think it was hot summer the way she is shedding. Got up to 76° here today. How can it be 27° in the morning and 76° in the afternoon. Only in SoCal.

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