Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday With My Friend

Enjoyed the movie “The Help” last night. Watched it on Time Warner's On Demand channel. Was 35° when I woke up around 6:00 am to let Hiker out to potty. Turned on the morning news and they said we were having a total eclipse of the moon here in SoCal this morning, but I could not see it from my sliding glass door and I was not going to go out into the cold just to have a peek. The morning news also said that there is a big, cold, rain storm heading our way that will hit us Sunday evening and last through Tuesday morning. The snow level is supposed to be really low so who knows? Santa Clarita might get some snow. My friend DeDee showed up a little after 9:00 am and she met Hiker then we checked out her laptop. She was having problems on Facebook and it turned out to just be a change in setting on Facebook that was messing her up. But while she was here, I also ran scans and virus checks on the computer and everything seemed to be working OK when she left. She and I put Hiker into the garage and we headed over to Route 66 Bar & Grill for lunch. The place was deserted. Everyone must be out Christmas shopping. After she left, I noticed that my brother Ron had called and left a message, so I called him back and we talked for a few minutes, then I took Hiker out for a short walk. How can we be so chilly in the morning but the afternoon gets up to 80°? Really strange. While out walking this afternoon, I had another Ben/Christmas memory. I remember years ago when Ben's nephew Richard was really little. Ben called his sister (Donna) and had her put Richard on the phone and Ben pretended to be Santa Clause. Donna said that Richard was so thrilled that “Santa” had called him. Ben asked Richard if he'd been a good boy and then asked what he wanted for Christmas. Don't know if Donna remembers Ben doing that.

Below is a photo of Ben in his favorite place at Christmas…Ferndale, CA


  1. Wow it is really cold there. I think it might have been a little warmer here at that time. I bet Route 66 is good! I bet Hiker wanted to go. lol Have a good Sunday!

  2. Christmas is going to be hard for you but you have come a long way from when I first started reading your posts. Keep up the big effort. It must be nice to have friends visit.

  3. I bet that was the best Christmas ever for Ben's nephew, getting a call from Santa. My daughter Cori had a broken wrist one Christmas and Santa signed her cast while she slept. She loved it...and I still have the cast...Take care, Sheila


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